Friday Favorites #3

Happy Friday!!

I can describe this week in two words: Productive & Inspiring

As we head into the weekend I am looking forward to spending Sunday in Hoboken having brunch with one of my girlfriends! As for the rest of the weekend I will be working tomorrow and maybe catch a showing of Bridget Jones Baby. Who else is excited to see it?

Let's jump into some favorites from this past week!

1) We all have the opportunity to be better and to make our community a better place, and Howard Schultz & Rajiv Chandrasekaran show that in Starbucks, Upstanders. If you haven't watched it or read some of the stories add it immediately to your to-do list!

2) We hear you ladies, and thank you for standing up and having a voice. "Obama's female staffers come up with genius strategy to make sure their voices are heard."

3) I don't know about you guys, but I know that in the past I have had an extremely hard time accepting compliments. The other day one of the yoga teachers stopped me and said I wanted to text you and tell you "You are such a bubbly, strong women who I really appreciate and thank you for telling it as it and always being straight forward." It took me a few minutes to process and I said thank you. I guess if you trust the person and actually believe in yourself accepting a compliment wont be so bad.

4) Women are dominating in sports. Kara, from KaraRuns brought this article, about the NFL opening job "pipeline"for women at team level to my attention on Twitter.

5) "29 Under-30 Powerhouses Poised to Change the World" Enough Said.

As for being productive this week I made a bunch of doctor appointments, oil change, opened 2nd Savings Account took a yoga class and utilized my planner to its fullest ability!

How was your week? What are you loving?



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