October Goals

Seriously, how is tomorrow already October 1st? I feel like I blinked and September passed by. It was a wonderful month filled with catching up with friends, trying new things, and taking out my camera again.

October is going to fly by with Rosh Hashannah, Yom Kippur and Halloween all taking place this coming month. I also have my monthly dinner in the city with my best friend and her mom, my sister's BF is officially moving in with us, I am going to FrightFest, and two Halloween parties.

With all that said I still have some goals that I want to accomplish this month and by putting them out here I am holding myself accountable. I will write a follow up post at the end of the month and hope that I will have accomplished them.

1)  Cook one meal a week. The goal is to start with basics such as chicken cutlets, stir-fry, and spaghetti & meatballs. It's funny I have collected so many cookbooks over the years and never use them. I won't be using them right now, but hopefully I will become more comfortable in the kitchen over time and then start to use them.

2) Learn the settings on my camera. From 2011-2013 I worked for the largest electronics retailer and during that time acquired a great camera. I took photos here and there, however lately I have been really enjoying shooting scenery, home projects, and other subjects that aren't humans. The camera has so many settings and I want to get to know and understand them.

3) Go on 3 dates. Are you online? I get that question at least once a day from friends, family, and anyone who finds out I am  single. I have a free profile on Match.com and JDate.com and I am also on JSwipe( similar to Tinder). But I want to meet people offline as well. Step out of my comfort zone.

4) As I continue to search for a full-time job I need to put myself out there and network regularly and not be so afraid. I plan to attend more events in fields I am interested in: Nonprofit, Marketing, Social Media, Hospitality & Social Responsibility.

I have done plenty of goal setting in the past and usually fall off the wagon a week or two in. This time around is different, because I have written it down and I am also working with a life-coach. We have touched on many areas but these I want to try and then come back to her with success. Talking to someone who is outside my inner circle has helped me tremendously to remove pressure and understand myself better. She has also helped me to control my anxiety better without the use of medication. I am excited to see where the next few months take me!

What goals or items are on your bucket list for October or the rest of the year?



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