Screen Down

Wednesday, January 13th.

11pm- Jump (literally) into bed. It had been an long day of sending out resumes, filling out online applications, and following up with colleagues. 

11:10pm: 5 Minutes of mediation in hopes that my brain will turn off and I will fall asleep tonight with no major distractions. From the title of this post you can come to your own conclusions. 

11:45pm: Browsing Instagram. Lost on Pinterest. Checking out what's new on Netflix. 

Insomnia rears its ugly head once again. 

12:15pm: Watching old episodes Blue Bloods ( Donnie Wahlberg) 

1:40pm: Still can't sleep. Drink a glass of Hot Water with lemon. 

The next thing I know it's 7am and my alarm is going off. I made my 2016 word "Commitment" and I plan to stick to it. Moving forward I will turn off my phone 1 hour before bed and place it out of my reach. This means it's time to buy an alarm clock for my nightstand. Any suggestions? 

Just re-visiting the evening is making me exhausted all over again. 



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