You only hurt yourself

While watching The Biggest Loser on Monday night I was brought back to my own sabotage. The teams were changed this week making it harder for some contestants and others took the challenge and ran with it. Sometimes being taken out of your comfort will force you to achieve greater things. Who doesn't love Bob Harper and his constant motivation. I do!!

Back to the change: Erin a contestant who was actually on another favorite show of mine; the Voice was switched to Team Jen. We are all going through things and I can relate to her as I have hidden things from my family and grieved differently the death of my mother, she her father. That change wasn't what I was referencing; instead Lauren her teammate and original Team Jen contestant was about to get weighed in when Bob asked..."What's wrong?"

Her response: I was the strongest female on the team until Erin got placed on our team. Now I am falling back to my old habit and comparing. I am not as pretty, as strong, as confident, etc... This 1) brought tears to my eyes. 2) Transformed me right back to where I was about two years ago when a new colleague was placed on my team. Never once did I open up about my habit and comparing myself. I hid and I did a pretty good job.

Right before stepping on the scale, Erin said these words to Lauren and I wish someone had said to me. We are on the same team. We are fighting the same battle. We need to talk to one another. Encourage one another. Push one another to be their best.

Erin....I believe you are going to do wonderful things I truly look up to you as an inspiration.

Don't let the above statement dictate your life another minute. Step out of the fear. Live for yourself. #WiseWordsWednesday.


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