Blizzard 2016.....Not from Dairy Queen

The East Coast finally experienced winter this past weekend thanks to #WinterStormJonas or #Blizzard2016. Between the thousands of photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram you could see it paralyzed many areas. Some areas in DC are still recovering. South Jersey was also hit pretty hard leaving flooding and hundreds of people displaced from there home. If you are paying attention to the Presidential debates Governor Christie is taking heat for some disgusting comments about the weather destruction in South Jersey as he should be. He isn't in the least bit nice and someone who should probably just go away. Unfortunately that isn't happening anytime soon. 

Thankfully we didn't lose power only had one full day in the house. It consisted of cooking lessons from my sisters boyfriend. Plenty of wine, movies, and a few rounds of scategories! 

The aftermath wasn't pretty but I was able to get to work Sunday and the roads for the most part are all now cleared! 

I'm hopeful ( not to jinx anything) that was the major winter storm we see this year. 


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