Celebrations: Life & Death

What a weekend it has been with some highs and unfortunately some lows. As from the title you can probably guess we celebrated a birthday and attended a funeral.

On Sunday morning we gathered around the kitchen table of my cousin's home to celebrate her son's 4th birthday. Blake, wanted a "Key" themed birthday and since he was a baby we called him Blakey Boy. See the Key in there. Leigh, the mother is super creative and did a wonderful job decorating for this birthday. We had brunch filled with Eggs, Bacon, French Toast Bake ( which is delicious) and Bagels. As you can see from the picture below we also had a wonderful cake!

We are a small family and all within a 30 minute drive from each other. It makes these parties even better since no one is missing. Unfortunately my father's fiancé was working that day or she too would have been in the picture.
Below from (L-R) Me, Aunt Bobbie, Dad, Leigh, Emma ( Younger Sister)

Friendships I was taught are the most valuable relationships you will have in life. My mother was blessed to have three best friends from Kindergarten that remained the best of friends through life. When my mom passed away a few years back those women were my "moms" that I could go to for anything. Along with my family we moved forward. We spend holidays together and all the kids went to sleep away camp together. Its with a sad heart that the husband one of the women passed away on Friday night from a massive heart attack. As I attended the funeral today I was brought back to my mother's own funeral and how she would have loved to be at her great nephews birthday party this past weekend.
A lesson I took from this weekend: Life is short, hug your family, tell them you love them and just LIVE!!!


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