Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!
The drive-thru line is 7 cars deep and inside is not a single customer. I have fallen into the drive-thru line every once in a while but today I parked and entered Starbucks ready for my fuel for the day. A tall ice French Vanilla coffee with Soy Milk. I was greeted by smiling faces and my coffee ready before I paid. Being a regular has its perks and but also hurts my wallet. It was a pleasant morning chatting with the staff and this quote was at the register as well as on a good friends Facebook wall.
Where is there? When will you get there? I am constantly asking these questions however I am the worst person when it comes to relaxing, breathing, and being patient. Ask anyone who knows me and they will all tell you I am the complete opposite of those three words. Many times I have tried to change/grow and after a week for two I give up and back up to my old self. I am not proud of that person. As a young adult now is the time to grow. I need to work every day on being more patient, taking a deep breathe before speaking and just walk around more relaxed rather than running around like a crazy person. I am motivated to make these changes as I will be transitioning in the next few weeks since I will be losing my job, as the Gap is closing there doors at my location.
Deep Breathe = Think before I speak.
Relax= 5 minutes of Yoga/Mediation in the morning. I will wake up five minutes earlier than my alarm clock is set for. ( PS. I am buying an alarm clock so I won't have to use my phone anymore and I can leave it in another room.)
Be Patient = This is the hardest for me. I am the most impatient person I know. I need to just remember everything will get done in time. Just remind myself patience is important.

With that I will work on those areas and one day will get to where I was meant to be. Looking forward to the future and to see what's in store! 



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