Solo Guide to Explore Hudson New York

There is no denying that New York has some beautiful places to visit. New York is much bigger than just New York City. 

A few weeks ago I was craving an adventure and decided to get in the car and drive. I headed north in New York and found myself in Rhinebeck & Hudson New York for the day. 

Lately, I have been craving more local travel and saving up for international travel in 2019. I had no plan other then to drive, explore, book a last minute place to lay my head and just enjoy the area. As I drove North each town became more and more exciting with it's small town charm. Getting outside of city has so many perks; farm fresh food, getting to know the locals, and explore so many of the parks and outdoor areas. 

Rhinebeck, located in Dutchess County has gorgeous views of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson River. It's a mecca for art & culture; from performing arts to Independent Films. This gourmet town is home to fine dining, casual bistro's and mom & pop places.

Where to Stay 

Where to Eat

Small towns are always welcoming, especially when you are open to getting to know the locals and asking questions about the town. Every conversation I had with employees and locals on the street taught me something, yet it was the conversation with Julie at Le Petit Bistro that really got me thinking. You don't need to know where you are going, you just need to be open to "everything" and this trip taught me just that.

While speaking with her and enjoying my brunch, I made a reservation at The Wick about 20 miles north in Hudson, New York a town I had never heard of. Stay where you want, do what you want, eat what you want were her words of advice.

While checking out the antique shops in town I was inspired to look at the jewelry and think about some of the pieces I made a few years back. It's all under my bed, and just waiting for me to start working on it again and this trip left me inspired. Merriweather's had some wonderful essential oils, cute gifts, and a wonderful employee who had a lot to share about the store. I found so many cute gems in this stylish gift shop, Paper Trail.

My last stop, Oliver Kita Chocolates for some decadent chocolates for the road. Each piece of chocolate had a story and let me tell you, I could have spent all day there.

It was late afternoon as I headed to Hudson, to check into my hotel, relax and then explore the town, or the main streets. Pulling up to The Wick I was immediately greeted by two friendly bellmen, one who would valet my car for the weekend and the other who brought in my luggage. I wouldn't need my car I was told, since the hotel offered complimentary shuttle service into town. How perfect is that I could explore, have a drink, etc. and not worry about getting home.

I checked in, freshened up and grabbed a local beer at the bar, since Hudson Brewing Company, which I wanted to check out would be closing in just a few minutes. The hotel though has two kegs on tap from them which was great. If you are able to check out the brewery I recommend it, as the staff spoke highly of it. I will be back to visit, for sure.

After speaking with the front desk, I was given so many wonderful recommendations for dinner. I called for the shuttle and headed into town to explore before deciding on where to eat dinner. I had the pleasure of sharing the shuttle with a lady who was headed to Club Helsinki, a music venue that is attached to an award-winning restaurant. She raved about the place and if I had more time I would have went with her, but really just wanted to explore the town.

First up, Spotty Dog Books & Ale. Yes, a bookstore with a bar!!! It earned that many exclamation points after I wandered inside. Think old-school bookstore, selling craft supplies all the while the bar is filled with creative locals sharing stories. As I roamed the aisles I was excited to see new best-sellers along with classics all the while enjoying a beer. I took a seat at a table by the window and took in the people around me.

After spending some time doing some writing I walked through the town. From clothing to antiques, there are shops for everyone. I still wasn't sure I wanted for dinner until I landed in front of American Glory BBQ! Sliders were calling my name and this cute hometown restaurant was great for solo-dining.

 After enjoying an evening stroll I called for the shuttle which arrived in all of 10 minutes. It was a quick 5 minute drive home and I was back in my room within 20 minutes of calling the shuttle. I called it a night after 5 hours in the car, visiting 2 towns, and multiple amazing meals.

The next morning I headed back into town to grab brunch before checking out of the hotel. I heard great things about Le Perche and decided that would be the spot! You can read about my brunch here.

It was time to hit the road home after brunch and I was less then excited since I wanted to continue to explore. With New York in my backyard I look forward to many more road-trips up north!

What is favorite place locally to visit?



  1. So agree with getting to know locals, you learn so much more that way! Sounds like a great trip :)

  2. Awesome post! I need to go visit here :)


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