Brunch Bites: Hatch 44 Cafe

Hatch 44 Café is the perfect, cozy, family run brunch spot in Metuchen, New Jersey. I mean just read the back of this waitress shirt. Their motto, is just wonderful and the customer service and food is even better!

"Hatch Vibes are Happy Vibes"
When you arrive, their is a small parking lot that wraps around the back of the building and the front door is actually on the side, not at the main entrance when you walk up the street. When you walk in, there is a large room right to the side of the reception stand and you then walk into the main room with ample seating at the bar and tables all around. Overall the space is small, but that is what makes this spot so charming and comfortable with a cozy at home vibe.

I arrived on a Sunday around 12:30 and was able to immediately grab a seat at the bar, one of my favorite places to eat solo! You don't take up a table, you can chat with the staff behind the bar, and if there are outlets underneath you can even get some work/writing done. Here there is a TV and it was playing HGTV which made me feel like I was right at home.

How cute is the setup behind the bar and I swear the quote, the wall, the open shelves, all felt like a scene in Fixer Upper. I ordered an Ice Coffee to start while I browsed the menu, read part of my book, and watched some TV. They believe you should start each day with a home cooked meal which you can taste when you order anything. The love and pride in the family run restaurant is poured into each and every dish.

Wherever I go, my main choice is Eggs Benedict, so of course I had to order the Lox Benedict with an interesting twist, a cucumber caprese salad. I actually like that it was a light salad rather than home fries or other potatoes as it made the meal more balanced. The farm fresh eggs were cooked perfectly while the English muffin was toasted just right.

Looking to take the family to brunch, grab a bite with girlfriends, or even a brunch date, Hatch 44 Café is the place to visit in New Jersey. You won't leave hungry or disappointed.

Where is your favorite brunch spot?



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