Vegan Eats: From the Vegandale Festival

The Vegandale Food & Drink Festival took place on Randall's Island this past weekend. After living and working in New York for a while, this was my first time on Randall's Island and I can't wait to go back to explore more! Also, it was my first time eating Vegan food and I liked most of the dishes and drinks I tried. Adding to my list of firsts, it was also the first time I drank Kombucha. It won't be the last time as I look forward to exploring more vegan eats, especially in New York City.

I'll be the first to admit I always seem to get overwhelmed on where to start since you want to try as much as you can, but you have to pace yourself, especially at food festivals. I attended the festival with my boss ( who is vegan), as well her friend & boyfriend. I made sure to snap a few photos of everyone who was attending, yet we unfortunately didn't get an entire group photo.

If one person stopped the others could walk on since the field was wide open and you could easily spot one another. Some of my favorites spots were; Avocaderia, Bunny Treats, By Chloe, Emma's Juicebox, and Candle 79

If you were uncertain, like myself, many of the places were offering samples before you decided on what to order. My boss and I were discussing how we wish it was smaller portion set prices and you could try more then just three or four things. The prices were very reasonable, it's just some of the portions were so big and if you didn't share, you couldn't eat all of it. 

I'm always up for a great photo op and thanks to Avocaderia, who knows where my photo will land up. 

How cute was Amo, my boss's dog? He had so much energy and was happy to be out and about, and the weather was just perfect. Minus the muddy grass from the rain a few days back. 

Wanna Date?

John's Juice

There are so many wonderful vegan eats in New York City that I look forward to trying especially after attending this festival. Being open to new foods and new adventures is always fun, especially when with great friends!

What is your favorite vegan meal?



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