TechMunch 2017

Last week I had the opportunity to volunteer at TechMunch- Content Creator & Food Influence Conference in New York City.

The event was hosted by, while Canon, Whole Foods, Califia Farms, FourRoses Bourbon & True Made Foods were also sponsors.

Babette Papej, the founder of was such a pleasure to work with and had some amazing insight to offer before the conference even started! I started at the registration table and during the down times was able to listen in on some of the great sessions!

Canon, "Ask The Experts" photo booth was open all day and had some interesting things going on. First up, check out this cake.

I mean at first glance I didn't event notice it was a cake, that is how real it looked in person. You can see when they did finally cut into it, how amazing it was.

Michael Breach, of Baristart was also at the Canon booth. Seriously his dedication, steady arm, and attention to detail were out of this world. I had never seen anything like that before.

Sessions ranged from "Working with brands & monetizing your influence" to "how to manage your brands social pages, genuinely connect with fans & create buzz." Talked about how to produce and distribute mouthwatering video as well as all things Food Photography and how to style your shoot! Each presenter and panelist had something different to offer.

Here are a few key takeaways that resonated with me:

  • "Lots of layering adds texture & dimension"- via Robin Zachary
  • "Remember with Food Videos, Food is the star, you are the co-star. Tell a story, have personality, but remember food is the star!"- via Al Roker
  • "The rules aren't real. Find out what works for you." - via Ali Rosen
  • "A video doesn't have to have to have good footage to be a good video, it has to have good talent." - via Todd Coleman
  • "Lighting is the utmost importance with Food Photography! If you have to move the table, MOVE the TABLE." via Sarah Crowder

Met Deborah Smith of JerseyBites, who moderated this panel!

Whole Foods NYC was the perfect, healthy, delicious lunch we all needed to refuel for the afternoon sessions!

Here are some other photos from throughout the day. The event left me feeling inspired and ready to do more and be more in this small space I call home on the Internet!

What is one of your favorite conferences you have attended, for personal or professional? 



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