Brunch Bites: Cardinal Provisions

Sunday Brunch, anyone? Who am I to turn down a brunch invitation from Gals That Brunch Jersey Shore, especially when it's a place I have never been before; therefore I attended and was excited to meet other ladies from the area!

Cardinal Provisions is a hot spot in Asbury Park serving up breakfast and lunch, and then hosting pop-up diners and private events both on and off site! They are open everyday from 9-3 except for Wednesdays. From the mouth-watering photos on Instagram to cute store front with green trim this place is living up to their name!

As I had mentioned they open at 9am and if you want one of the four table outside you better be there right at 9 or your name gets added to a wait list and a few minutes later the rest of the restaurant is filled with locals and tourists alike all who come to Asbury Park for the beach, cute downtown, farmers market and more! Gals That Brunch is usually a small group of 9-10 ladies who get together to talk all things food, work, personal, and anything on their mind. Roxy, our community host, who is one kickass rockstar bought a bottle of champagne and we ordered a pitcher of their fresh orange juice to kickoff the brunch!

There is nothing better on a Sunday morning then spending time chatting with ladies who all offer something different and are inspiring in their own way.

Kate of opal & jaye photography is running a business while teaching 12th grade honors English! You can't help but be cheerful when looking at her Instagram filled with color and beauty!

Remember those flags hanging in your grandparents or parents yards when you were growing up? Well, Courtney of Declaration Home is bringing them back with her spin on them all with cute quotes!

Jennifer Chavez, of Babes in Business & The Helpful Rabbit does it all. Social Media, branding, website design and so much more. I have heard of here through Roxy, and see her all over social media and hope to make one of her Babes in Business events in the near future!

Dana, a meditation mentor was talked about goal setting, intentions, and how to come back to your sacred space.

Keli, a is a massage therapist, bodyworker and light worker with a space right in downtown Asbury Park!

MissLeigh0204 was also in attendance. Check out her youtube channel!

Introductions, accomplishments, rants, and more were out of the way and it was time to dive into our delicious meals. I had stalked their Instagram before arriving to see what I would want and still had to think about it. I mean everything on the menu sounded good, the waitress said everything was her favorite and the dishes coming out all looked great. My eyes kept looking at the Rye Waffle, and I stuck with my gut. One waffle cut in half was topped with salted rosemary maple caramel, crushed hazelnuts, diced green apple, and whipped crème fraiche, the perfect toppings for a fall day down the shore!

Do you know anyone that would turn down brunch and bubbly? I didn't think so. Gals That Brunch is a group of 20-30 somethings who enjoy good friend, friends and everything in between. There are chapters all across the country as well as international chapters as well! Share with your friends and ask them to attend or like myself just get up and go to one alone! Meeting new ladies is always fun and exciting, especially with food and drink!

What is your favorite brunch meal?



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