New York City Wine & Food Festival 2017: Chinese Tuxedo

Great food & delicious drinks were bound to be had when attending one of the many NYCWFF events hosted throughout this past weekend!

We found ourselves with tickets to the Chinese Tuxedo Brunch in Chinatown yesterday. Last year we had arrived early and waited on a pretty long line. This year we planned ahead to get there early and get on line, even though this one was different and landed up having assigned seating. We didn't mind the wait as we caught up and chatted with other guests who were attending the event as well. Some had been to other events over the weekend and some, like us, it was the first and only one.

What I love about NYCWFF is that the event is paid by sponsors and all proceeds of tickets sold to go to charity. I will support any event with a charity component and especially one that most or all proceeds go to charity rather then overhead for the event. These charity partners are both wonderful organizations.

Chinese Tuxedo, a new restaurant in a converted opera house, on a small street in Chinatown has the all the right touches. We tasted dim-sum inspired small bites and family style dishes prepared from Chef Paul Donnelly!

As we walked in we were greeted with delicious Bellini's and escorted to our table. We shared a table with another family and a single gentleman. It was nice to talk with our group, as well get to know the others. Some had been to other events throughout the weekend and they shared photos and storied from the other events!

It being that the restaurant was on the darker side I had to add my flash to many of the photos, and only my sister seemed annoyed until she realized I wasn't going to stop. We made an agreement and moved on! Below are just some of my favorites of the dishes we sampled.

Up first was the Rice Noodle Chueng Fun with Char Siu! I loved how the juices from the Char Siu soaked into the rice noodle giving it so much more flavor!

Sesame Shrimp Toast "Jerk Style" was one of my favorites, even with the kick from the small amount of sauce on the top. With the right amount of crust, the perfect size and the fact we were all starving after a few drinks it was devoured in two bites each!

This was my favorite of all the dishes we ate. The Shrimp & Wood Ear Mushroom Shumai with ginger and chili dressing had me literally contemplating staying around until the restaurant opened later in the day to order -to-go portions. As a table of four we each had one but I could have eaten all four. The flavors in the stuffing along with the dipping sauce it was pure deliciousness's.

The three others all agreed the below dish was there favorite and happened to be on of my least favorite. The Pan Fried Tuxedo Dumpling: with pork, garlic chives, red vinegar & soy dressing. I will say the waiter informed us this is one of the more popular items on the menu and from the way my group was speaking about it I can understand. I think it was the garlic chives that seemed to bother me, and I am not sure why. I love garlic but it felt a little overwhelming in my opinion on the dish. However 3 out 4 made it their favorite, so there you have it.

My sister is already thinking about a return trip to Chinese Tuxedo and I know why. The cozy atmosphere, the friendly staff, the delicious food, and the unique spin make this one hot spot. Chef Paul, you have a wonderful place here and I look forward to my return trip!

What is one food event you would want to attend?



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