Coffee Catch-Up!

Happy Friday, friends! Can you believe it is already September, 1st? I am not sure where the summer went but overall it had some pretty great highs and a few lows. Today, let's catch up on the summer 2017!

When street art meets coffee I am a pretty happy person! St Kilda Coffee, a cute cafe, cellar level in NYC is new hidden gem. With a few tables, some bar stools and two benches outside you can grab a coffee and chat or hit the streets in Midtown.

Even when I created my summer bucket list, I knew there would be a few things I may not get done, but I am pretty disappointed in myself as I didn't check off many of the items. Fall, I am not going to mess with you and check off every item on my list!

A highlight of summer, was watching a friend from college marry the love of her life in Ogunquit, Maine! I spent all of 48 hours including travel in Maine. I ate the delicious lobster, put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean and saw a pretty lighthouse! Have you ever been to Maine? What trips did you take this summer? 

This summer the world faced some pretty events with Manchester and the most recent of Hurricane Harvey, leaving many with heavy hearts. I had a relaxing four-day weekend only to end it by watching the Manchester Tribute by Ariana Grande. Say what you want about the pop star, but that night she was a force, a light, and a true role model for millions!

Speaking of Hurricane Harvey, there are so many places out there excepting donations. Many bloggers have taken to their websites to share resources. Consider making a donation today and know that no donation is too small. We need to rally together. If each person donated $1-$5 dollars that would make a rather large impact. Read here, here or here.

Travel, whether international or domestic, quick or extended is wonderful and I hope that everyone has the chance to travel. I was blessed this summer visiting Maine, Upstate New York, Spain, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Next week I am hoping to spend some time in Philadelphia! Here is Madrid and Barcelona!

I am currently about two weeks away from my job ending, which completely blindsided me, but was probably a push I needed as well. It's still hard to talk about, and something that I am working on. I am not sure what is next, but I do know I love this little space of the Internet and I plan to continue with this on the side! New York City, I am coming for you!

My summer has also been filled with plenty of eating, because as a self-proclaimed foodie I love trying new restaurants, testing out cocktails and spending time with loved ones, especially when food is involved! Read about that here, here, here, and here! What was one of your favorite dishes from this summer?

Tell me, what did you do this summer? Let connect on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook



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