What I Always Travel With

Frequent flier miles used.

The odometer reading higher then usual numbers due to a random road-trip.

A small porthole window to look out when cruising in the middle of the ocean.

In everyone of the scenarios mentioned above I always travel with these four important things, that I can't imagine not having with me.

First up, disinfectant wipes are a life-saver. I clean the window area and the armrest on every plane I ride on. Eating on the go is sometimes messy and they always come in handy, especially when you least expect it!

Next up, my camera comes with me everywhere. Inspiration strikes in the most random of places. Photos are memories that you will cherish for the rest of you life.

Which brings me to my third item also pictured above. My travel journal is always in my carry on bag. Filled with stories from the actual travel such as crazy plane stories, like the one time a women got up literally as we landed to use the lavatory. If you were wondering she was escorted off the plane by a plain clothes federal agent. It holds cool spots I hope to visit again, information of my travels, and what excites me on each trip. I am on my 3rd travel journal!

And finally, I always carry my S'well bottle! This way you don't have to buy water in the airport or train station. I can refill after walking through security in the airport. Since it holds both hot and cold I have been able to also purchase coffee and have it poured in that. It may get heavy at times, but for budget friendly travel it works perfectly!

Disclaimer, this post is not sponsored, yet has some links of my favorite things. With that said there are a few affiliate links as it takes time and money to maintain a blog. Thank you in advance for your support!

What is something that you always travel with?



  1. Love your list! I take similar things. One item I would add are travel toilet seat covers!

  2. YESSS THE WET NAPS ARE CRUCIALLLL!!! I also carry my S'well! Reusable water bottles are a life saver!

  3. I always travel with my camera as well and a set of headphones. Music is life. :)


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