A shucking good time!

Last weekend I attended the Asbury Park Oysterfest! Fresh local seafood is my jam. Oyster, clams, mussels, you name it I will eat it! When you attend a food festival do you go in with a plan or do you wing it?

I go in with a plan, every time. After I enter, I always do a walk through before making a purchase as I find it can be very overwhelming depending on the size of the festival. Multiple booths selling the same food or drinks, so how can you decided one over the other? I usually tend to see how many people are at the booths before jumping on line.

First stop was to the Local 130 Seafood tent for oysters right here in Cape May, NJ. I first found them at the Red Bank Farmers Market a few weeks ago and have been super impressed with their fresh seafood, reasonable prices, and friendly employees!

Hello, I have never seen a cake like this before, which made for an interesting conversation with the lady behind the food truck. Check out The Chimney Cake Factory if you are interested in learning more.

Did someone say, stuffed clams? Or fried calamari? I spent much of my time here speaking with local around the booth all who raved about the stuffed clams. It was delicious, melt you in your mouth seafood that was beyond anything I have had at a local seafood festival.

And what better way to end the tour, then with local beer from New Jersey! Why hello, Asbury Park Blonde, I think you are officially my new favorite! Light and lager styled beer will always be my drink of choice and was perfect to end my time at the festival! Check out the Asbury Park Brewery!

Now it's your turn. What is your favorite food festival? How do you tour the grounds? 



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