Travel Quote Roundup

With a desire to open my mind and soul, spark a feeling of wonder, and live my best life I often browse the Internet for some amazing travel quotes. Many can be found on this pinterest board! Whether your are ready to book the ticket, explore your local backyard, or hit the open road I am positive a great travel quote will inspire you to start somewhere!

Here are just a few of my favorite ones. I also tend to jot down many in my thousands of journals both travel and personal!

I love to share stories from my travels both near and far. We can be sitting around the table for a meal, walking along the boardwalk or taking a break at work and I am always sharing with anyone who will listen!

My aunt is currently on her second passport, and is one of my biggest travel inspirations. Everywhere she takes a big trip and let me tell you, the stories she shares post trip are awe-inspiring and making you feel like you were experiencing the trip with her! I look forward to filling my passport over and over again!

I follow travel bloggers. I read there adventures and add destinations to an on-growing list. I have a separate twitter just for travel. Friends, family, colleagues and strangers mention a destination and on the list it goes. The world is your oyster so you can choose where you next destination will be!

Probably one of my top 5 traits. We all probably have a little of this in us. We should never bury it in fear of not being able to.

For the many road trips I have taken I always make sure to take a scenic route at some point or another because you never know what you will find. A hole in the wall restaurant, a cute B&B, a beautiful park or just a hidden gem. They are all out there waiting for you to discover them. Turn off the GPS once in a while and just take the scenic route, you may just surprise yourself!

I am going to leave you with my favorite quote of all time! It doesn't have to be around the world, as it can be in your own backyard. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, do it on a budget. Maybe you want to document it maybe you don't. This is your life to live so "once a year, go someplace you've never been before!"

Now it's your turn. Share your favorite travel quote with me! 



  1. These all speak to me! I love travelling a good quote now and then gets printed and framed at home. Thanks for the list!

  2. Love these travel quotes! They fill me with so much wanderlust.

    1. Thank you, Anna! That's exactly what I wanted to hear!


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