How I maintain long distance friendships

Did your childhood neighbor move away?
Did your college friend relocate to another state?
What about your closest friend from sleep-away camp who lives in another state now?


This past weekend I was lucky enough to drive up to Hoboken to visit my college friend who was in town with her fiance. We met in college. We lived in New Jersey at the same time just in different towns. When I decided to run for Man & Woman of the Year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society she was right there supporting me 100%. I am from NJ. She is from CT. We met in RI. Now she lives in MA. I am home in NJ and we don't see each other often. That doesn't mean we still aren't the closest of friends. 

Here are my 4 tips for maintaining long distance friendships. 

I am sure you have heard the saying "the phone works both ways" and it is 100% true. Yes, we text here and there, but it's our once a month phone calls that excite me. Whether it's on her drive home from work or my time doing errands we make sure to give each other the same attention so we are caught up on one another lives. 

Planning a trip to see one another. This is harder as funds are limited as she is planning her wedding and I am currently saving by living at home. She met her fiance in NJ; however they moved back to MA before I could meet him. This trip was extra special as I got to see her and meet him. It's not always about getting caught up in the nostalgia. In order for the friendship to grow and remain active we talked about our current lives rather then reminiscing about the past. 

Caitlin & I at the Ainsworth in Hoboken

We also catch up via Instagram as well. Surprisingly, both of us are currently not on Facebook so we know when we talk we have a lot to catch up on. A comment here or there on a picture to let the other one know we are always thinking about them. It's quick and easy but means so much. I get excited when I see a comment from her! 

Finally "snail mail" is my current favorite way to communicate with friends in Boston, Florida, California, and DC. First, I have an obsession with cute stationary and second the joy of writing a letter someone will open really excites me! 

Now it's your turn, how do you maintain long distance friendships?



  1. I not only have long distance friends but my fiance is also long distance! lol FACETIME and text are the way we manage plus we do get to see each other often. My friends on the other hand its mainly facetime and text lol

    Life is just Rosie

    1. Hi Rose, I always tend to forget about Facetime. Yes texting is a go-to as well. It's great you get to see your fiance often!


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