Friday Favorites #6

In the last two weeks I have found myself in synagogue for both Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish New Year) and Yom Kippur ( The Day of Atonement). This year though was different. I felt more connected and at peace as in years past. Since my mother's passing in 2010 the holidays have been hard and I usually disconnect during this time. That was different this year and I am quite happy how I handled them.

With that said, here are some of my favorite things found around the internet. 

Fabiola Bittar De Kroon was tragically killed in the horrific NJ Transit Hoboken train cash last week. Her husband announced this week the funds raised from the GoFundMe page will support orphan homes in Fabiola's home town of Santos, Brazil. 

"As a generation we want to make a difference in our life and our jobs" via Wes Gay. Here he shares two reasons why Millennials are really different. 

After a phone call with a friend in Boston who just started her own Event Planning business, ForniFairytales I realized that it is perfectly normal to embrace your time being single. If you are in the Boston, Maine or CT area you should check her out. 

I love travel. All things related to travel. Solo travel. Group travel. I can be found on Twitter @_Travelist_ and my newest Instragram @_Travelist_. I will be adding some of these too my travel bucket list. 

Any favorite reads this week?



  1. It is always a shame when a part of the year has such terrible connotations or memories associated with it. I hope that it continues to get better for you though.

    Also the gofundme to support orphan homes is a wonderful legacy for anyone.

    1. Thank you, Aleksandra. I do believe it will better and look forward to year ahead of great memories!


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