Friday Favorites #7

Happy Halloween weekend, my friends!

Any fun Halloween plans this weekend?

I will be a Dark Angel attending a Halloween party this weekend at my friend's new house! I usually don't celebrate, but this year I will since I don't have to be in work on Sunday until 11:30.

Let's dive into some of my favorites from this week. Remember share what you are loving in the comments!

Give Thanks; I saw this today when I stumbled upon Dearborn Market. I posted the photo already on Instagram but wanted to share it again here.

This book has been all over social media and if you haven't heard about it read this article, now. Incredible women who each offer something unique and inspiring is a page turner and we all owe a huge thank you to Grace Bonney for the amazing interviews.

Have you ever tried to empathize with someone and were not sure what to say or how to act? The team at The Everygirl shared a post about "How to Empathize Without Stealing the Spotlight" and Lauren nailed it.

What do these 3 female CEO's have in common? They talk about the reality of burnout. Levo League as always has great articles and you should totally find yourself reviewing many of their great posts.

I look forward to my next solo adventure and with this article sharing the best international destinations I can't wait to start planning. Where is one place you want to visit?

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!



  1. Hi Tracy! So happy I found your blog, I love connecting with other NYC bloggers! Sounds like your Halloween was tons of fun! We went to the UWS and spent it at the AMNH, trick-or-treating with the little guy!

    1. Hi Jess, that sounds like a wonderful Halloween!

      Thank you for reading!


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