Friday Favorites #5

This time two years ago I was living in South Florida right where #HurricaneMatthew is currently damaging the east coast of Florida. Everyone I know down there still has seen minimal damage and and are all OK. Prayers to those in Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica who have been affected.

We all feel the need to help and make donations, and yes that is very important but please make sure you do your research to where you money is being donated and how it will be used. We have seen all to much money not being used in the direct need of rebuilding towns, etc after natural disasters. 

It's Friday and I want to share some of my favorites from this week! 

I went to Johnson & Wales University with Ryan and we know each other from campus. He recently wrote an article on why he focused on his career over love in his 20's. What really resonated with me was how young our mother's were when they both passed away from cancer. 

Speaking of cancer, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I had my annual Mammography and the test came back normal. Plenty of brands are creating campaigns to raise awareness and support organizations. #GetTested

Interesting and honest read from the founder of the popular dating app, Hinge. "Not everyone on these apps are looking for relationships, of course, but among those that are, only 18% have found even one relationship,ever." I have heard of success stories from friends, acquaintances, and peers; however I will say I have not had success. 

I am too often wandering through the liquor store with no plan. This post from the amazing team at The EveryGirl was the perfect reading material before heading out to buy wine last night.  I love Danielle & Alaina and the rest of their team!

And I will leave you with this huge source of Inspiration and Motivation from Ashley who participated in Dare to Bare NYC last weekend. "Dare to Bare is the Movemeant Foundation's flagship outdoor charity fitness event and LARGEST body-positive event across the country." I am hoping to participate next year after reading so many recaps about this event. 

What did you enjoy reading, buying or learning this week?



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