Dear Mom,

This will be the 6th Mother's Day without you hear physically. However, I carry you in my heart everyday and am guided through life by fond memories we shared in the 23 years of life I spent with you.

Between the social media campaigns, the TV/Radio commercials, and my inbox flooded with Mother's Day reminders, promotions, and gift ideas I tend to get filled with emotions ranging from anger to sadness. Angry that I am not able to celebrate with you in person. Not hear your infectious laugh, or see your spunky read head. Sad that you will miss important moments like our weddings or seeing your grand kids grow up. Then I remember Emma and I are blessed to have so many memories that we will share with our spouses, families and friends. Those memories make celebrating and rejoicing your life a little easier each Mother's Day. 

Road trips to Florida for Passover and Disney World vacations always top my list of some of my favorite times together. Spending hours in the city just shopping are not far behind. And who could forget the time we rode the elevator in the Marriott Marquis in NYC to the very top floor just because Emma wanted to. Sure I also remember the time I lied and you yanked the TV out of my wall, I ran away. How naive I was back then. The memories just like all the photos we have will always stay with me. You hold a special place in my heart that will NEVER be replaced. 

Special moments we shared <3
I can only hope to be as strong and courageous as you were throughout life. Sure life wasn't easy fighting cancer for 17+ years but you made it look like a walk in the park at sometime. You fought hard and never once gave in or quit. You went from Chemo treatments back to work because the kids depended on you and they brought a smile to your face everyday. Your determination to watch both myself and Emma graduate high school almost didn't happen for Emma but you put up such a fight and made it to her graduation. You also made it my college graduation something that I will always remember and be grateful for. 

I love you so much, and I look forward to the day I can see your smile and hear your laugh again. 

Love Always,
Your Mookster ( Tracy) 


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