Sinigual Review

When we last left off I was heading into NYC to meet up with my best friend and her mother for our monthly dinners. On a side note I joined Bloglovin on Friday as well! 

I am so thankful that we meet for this monthly dinner and when needed I can solicit motherly advice if I am ever looking for it. Dinner tonight was at Sinigual a contemporary Mexican restaurant right near Grand Central Station.

Every time we get together it's either pouring or starting to rain and this trip was no different. When traveling to NYC from my hometown in NJ the closest mode of transportation is the bus and let me tell you it's hit or miss when you add Friday traffic and crappy weather. We do have a train but it isn't as close. I took an earlier bus giving myself ample time since I knew the weather and traffic would be a factor. With that I arrived at the restaurant nearly an hour earlier then our reservation. No worries it was #HappyHour and who was I to turn that down. I found a stool at the bar, chatted with the bartender and nursed this amazing strawberry margarita! 

The rest of the party arrived close to 30 minutes later and we were lucky to be seated earlier then our original reservation. They took straight to ordering drinks to play catch up. We started with the obvious Guacamole De Molcajete which was made table side. They offer to add cheese which is the only thing I wouldn't do next time. 

For my main dish I went with the Fish Taco's that came with a side pasilla-cilantro rice, avocado relish and a sweet corn cake. The picture is of the last taco that I deconstructed and added the rice into the taco it was that sweet! The fish was cooked and seasoned perfectly to my liking not too spicy. 

The other two orders were Fajitas and Shrimp Diabla both that my friend and her mom were raving about even after we left the restaurant. Our goal is to always try a new restaurant; however I know I will be back and already told my father to add this to his list as he loves all Mexican food. That's what we are having Tuesday night for his birthday but locally in NJ. 

When you first walk in the bar is at the front and the back is all booths with only a few tables mixed in which I found to be interesting. They atmosphere is warm and comfortable. The star lights hanging above caught my eye right away. 

Deep Fried Ice Cream anyone? How could you even think of turning it down? Are you crazy? OMG all of the three desserts were ordered were delicious. Unfortunately I only was able to take two photos since the third was devoured before I could get out my phone to take the photos. We ordered the following: Deep Fried Ice Cream, Chocolate Flan Brulee and Carmerized Fruit Flautas

If you know me you know I am seriously a chocolate addict which for me isn't the greatest. Time to get back into a gym routine now that I have a part time job. With that I allow myself to indulge every now and then with no regrets. 

Once we finished we walked over to Grand Central Station and enjoyed another round of drinks at the bar. I stuck with a Diet Coke as I had a subway ride and bus ride home and work the next morning. We always have a wonderful time together. 

Have you been to NYC? What is your favorite restaurant? 



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