A Long Nap

With my new position as the receptionist at a local yoga studio I found out my schedule would be the same moving forward giving me Friday and Sunday off. I am OK with that as long as I have one weekend day off over the summer since I plan to be down the shore? Or as some people say, at the beach. It's a Jersey thing saying "down the shore."

Friday was 75 and sunny, giving me the perfect reason to sunbathe at a local park. I was able to veg out, relax and do some journal writing which I haven't done in a while. I enjoyed blasting Pandora radio, catching some rays and writing. I mean look at the view. 

Saturday I worked from 8-2:30. I arrived home with a massive headache and a hungry stomach. After failing to make poached eggs I landed up with avocado and scramble eggs. I called my dad to check in around 3:11pm and decided I was going to take a quick nap. Remember the title, a long nap. Let's just say I woke up at 8:30am the next morning to hearing noises in the house. First, I was like it must be 8pm, but nope I was wrong it was 8:30am. With my sister away I realized my dad must have been home; however I did walk quietly in the house with my cell phone as my protector, lol. My body must have needed that sleep. All I kept saying was I missed dinner. ( Haha, priorities)

I shouldn't have been tired Sunday but somehow I was off to a slow start. After getting my act together and dressed I joined my friend to help her food shop and then meet up with her sister and future brother-in-law for Mexican. We decided on Rosalita's. I love that on Sunday's at the bar appetizers are $7 and drinks are $5 all day. Being on a tight budget that helped me. I ordered a Pain Killer and Shrimp Tostada.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing around on Snapchat as she was learning about the faces and filters. One more stop at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza for beers to cap off the weekend! This was one of my places to visit when I lived in South Florida and I am so happy they opened locally here in NJ. 

So my weekend consisted of being outdoors, lots of sleep, and drinking with friends. I would call the weekend success and look forward to Memorial Day Weekend and being off Sunday and Monday. You can find me down the shore next weekend! 



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