NJ Travel Town; Allentown

Looking for a day trip from Manhattan or Philadelphia. look no further then Allentown, New Jersey a small town filled with charm and character. From the The Moth Coffeehouse to Heavenly Havens Creamery, there is something for everyone!

The Old Mill in Allentown is home to specialty craft shops, studios, farm to table cuisine and so much more! The Moth Coffeehouse is on the first floor, followed by Green Lace Lion on the second! This historical landmark is one of the many that has so much history behind it. It was a nice day, but not warm enough to enjoy the outdoor seating in the back.

Even though it was too cold to sit outside I did some exploring, making friends along the way and coming across unique finds. 

I could sit on this bench for hours, getting lost in my thoughts, writing, soul-searching and so much more. This quaint town is very welcoming with friendly small business owners, the nicest residents, and beautiful scenery!

My last stop was to BerryRich Bakery for something a Tuesday Treat, something sweet and delicious. Funny, I didn't know it at the time, but the Pastry Chef/Owner graduated from the same university I did, Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI! Baking from the heart, each bite was better then the next. 

The next time you are looking for a day trip in New Jersey I highly recommend checking out the shopping, dining, and scenery of Allentown, NJ.

What is your favorite town in your home state or county?



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