My Travel Hashtag: #TSJetSet

I can't remember how the conversation came about or why we were even discussing them in the first place, but my friends said you should create a hashtag based around your travels. I am the first to say I love local travel, but I think it is also cool to see other parts of the world, especially through the eyes of someone else.

Instagram has made it possible to see every little corner of the world, simply by searching a hashtag or the geographic location. Social media has allowed us to learn about every town, city, state, country etc from other travel bloggers, writers, and editors alike. Is creating your own unique something you have done before? Do you have a specific travel hashtag?

57 posts have #TSJetSet (Tracy Say's Jet Set) or (Tracy Schwartz Jet Set) either one of those works for me. Here are a few of my top photos.

San Francisco is one of my all time favorite cities behind New York City and Barcelona! Having family out there makes it easy to travel to. 

New York City is home and always will be. There is something new to see on every corner and I could share a photo for the entire city but I will show you one of my favorite hidden gems, Stone Street in Lower Manhattan. 

Lombard Street, a shot I have taken a million times and one I hope to take a million more times, from different angles, different times, etc..

What are your favorite travel hashtags to follow? If you have your own, please share so that I may follow along! 



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