Solo Female Travel Tips

As we decide to see the world on our own terms, solo female travel is on the increase. With so many blog posts, Internet articles, and media attention on solo travel, you are bound to find inspiration. Whether you are traveling locally or taking a solo trip overseas these tips are bound to be helpful in one way or another.

Arrive during the day: Being able to notice your surroundings in daylight makes it easier to go out the following day. You should always be aware of your surroundings in certain areas.

Be Confident: Walk and talk with confidence. It will make it easier to engage with both locals and other travelers, as well will help you grow as an individual. The expression "Fake it until you Make it" is perfect in this scenario.

Research your destination: Take notes either in a notebook or on your phone of address, places you want to visit, names of landmarks, etc.. If you are like me, you will print a small map of the area where you are staying as well as the area you most want to visit. Sometimes technology will fail us, so don't always rely on it.

Budget: Know your limit and make sure there is a buffer in there for any surprise expenses that may arise. If you can prepay for accommodations, transportation, and travel insurance that is great. Do not keep all your currency in one place. Spread it out on different places.

Have a tentative itinerary: At the drop of a hat your itinerary could change, and that is what most excites me about solo travel. No one to tell me where to go, what to see, what to eat, etc... Lay out plans of places but be open to all opportunities that come your way!

Keep your family or loved ones in the loop: Leave them your hotel information, where you are going, number of nights, and so forth. Also keep in touch when traveling so they know you are safe and have made it to your next destination.

Share with me some of your solo female travel tips!



  1. Great tips. I'd add: Be open and positive to meet people :) Try to meet other traveling girls through Facebook or Couchsurfing, i.e. or at local events!

    1. I love the being open and positive to meet new people, both locals and other travelers! Such great tips, Jen! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great tips. I don't travel solo that often anymore, but can relate from when I did!

  3. wow I havent travelled solo in a while, but the spread out the money and keep copies of itinerary and passports at home are great suggestions. I think also, go with your gut, and probably avoid drinking too much

    1. I totally agree with limiting your alcohol intake and yes, trust your gut. Thank you for sharing, Harmony!

  4. Loved these tips. I am still mustering up the confidence to go on my own solo trip, but will use these tips in the future. I may go somewhere alone in March, I think it would be a huge learning curve for me.

    1. Dana, I think that's great. Start small maybe somewhere local or one or two nights. Do not feel like you have to take your first solo trip as a huge international trip! Would love to know where you land up going!


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