Street Art: Asbury Park Boardwalk

Could there be anything better then being at the beach and seeing street art/murals on the boardwalk? I like that The Wooden Walls Mural Project creates conversation with local, national and international artists. You can see on social media the testament to the power of the work, being shared by thousands of visitors to the boardwalk. Sometimes you don't have to travel far to find new street art.

Each person who looks at the artists work can interpret the mural differently, leading the conversation down different roads. You can also check out the social media channel of the artist and see what their personal message is for that specific photo!

"Love is Paradise" by Indie 184, is filled with pops of color and texture fused with graffiti and street art! Talk about love. Share your love.

The work of Pau Quintanajornet. I love the colors incorporated and that the bottom kind of resembles waves, considering the mural is on the beach!

"Untitled" by Thiago Valdi. Watching over the eye of the storm that hits the beach every summer as thousands of tourists make their way to Asbury Park!

"Heaven and Earth Guardian" by Jose Mertz. With his inspiration coming from ancient civilizations, science fiction, dreams, myths and the super natural he has his own unique style. Much of his work can be seen on graphic tee-shirts, stickers and other installations.

"Ode to the Ocean" by Jeffrey Fulvimari. 13 ladies held together by waves, exactly how the women of today should be. Free to use their voice. Free to be powerful and successful. This mural started 3 conversations in the 10 minutes I was there shooting.

Check out Street Art in NYC if you enjoyed this post. There is something so nice about spotting something whether at the beach, roaming the city streets, or just passing by.

Where have you seen awesome street art while traveling? 



  1. I love that street art is literally popping up everywhere! It's a favorite activity of mine. thanks for sharing this!!!

    1. I know and it makes traveling to new places even more exciting!

  2. I have friends who live near Asbury Park but haven't ever explored the city much! Your post makes me want to go check all this awesome street art out. So cool!

    1. Not only is there really cool street art, there are some great shops and restaurants and during the holiday season they have a bazaar at the Convention Center. It's a quick trip by train and one I highly recommend!

  3. Love so many of these pieces! We haven't really explored this area, but this is a great motivation to do so ��

  4. I just love this urban art renaissance taking place in the US! I didn't catch any of these last time I was in NYC this summer, but I'll definitely put them on my list for next trip.

    1. I totally agree with you and it makes exploring the US even more enjoyable. There is so much in NYC and the surrounding area!


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