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On Black Friday you can find me on my couch, at a local coffee shop, or hanging out at home. I am the last person to partake in Black Friday shopping. First, I like my 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Second, I never need anything in that moment. Third, I love to support small local businesses, which is the reason for this post. Tomorrow is #SmallBusinessSaturday and I hope you will either visit a local shop or shop online if you aren't local to that business.

Living in New Jersey there are so many wonderful small businesses and if I could I would share all of them, however that would be a really long post, one that no one would probably read. With that said, I am going to share a few businesses that I love!

First, I recommend you look for local craft shows/markets to which is a great way to show support many of the small local businesses.

Declaration Home, owned by Courtney is local New Jersey business selling Flags, wall hangings, and art prints. I actually had the chance to meet Courtney at a local Gals That Brunch event a few weeks back and let me tell you, she is one kick-ass female entrepreneur and mom! This is one of my favorite prints in her store.


What could be better then eco-friendly, non-toxic products from Freebird Organics. Roxy, the rock star owner behind this amazing company is also the host of Gals That Brunch Jersey Shore, and a pillar for women in business in New Jersey. You can't go wrong with any purchase this holiday season; for a hostess, a loved one, or secret Santa!


Stay warm this winter, and give a gift of warmth from Crochet It Forward! Live in or around New Jersey and want to check out the product in person, visit the Asbury Park Bazaar Saturday, December 9th or Sunday, December 17th. Another, woman owned New Jersey business you can check out her Instagram here for some amazing warm weather gifts! The best part, when you purchase a scarf, an ear warmer is made for someone in need!

Brighter Days Co. is less then two years old yet these 100% all natural soy wax candles make for great holiday gifts. Better yet, are you hosting a party and want your house smelling highly fragrant, then these are the perfect candles for you. Check them out on Instagram!

If you are local to New Jersey and looking for a delicious gourmet apple to bring to your next holiday party, I invite you to check out my cousin's business, Leigh's Gourmet Apples! They are the top dessert at every family party and I have gifted them many times. I know how important it is to support local businesses from her! She continues to inspire me everyday as a mom, full time worker, and run her own business!


There are so many wonderful local run businesses out there and I challenge you to find one that you love and want to share with others, so that everyone can be supported! 



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