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If you were expecting a list of chain coffee shops, you have come to the wrong site. There are so many great coffee shops and a sea of cafes throughout New York City. Listen, I love my Starbucks Grande Ice Coffee, but it's nice to always venture out and try something new!

These are just some of the amazing places I have found, wondering the streets of New York, looking for the best Ice Coffee, since I am happy to say I never drink hot coffee.

1. Breads Bakery
Where: Multiple locations throughout Manhattan, my favorite being Union Square.
What I Say: If I had more time, I would have ordered the Chocolate Babka, they are famously known for. The smell of freshly baked breads can and will draw anyone in. Two counters, plenty of seating, and an open view into the kitchen is what you will see. What you will get, delicious pastries, sandwiches and breads.
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2. Telegraphe Café
Where: Coffee & Espresso Bar in Chelsea.
What I Say: Family owned and operated, cozy place treating every customer like you're their best friend! Catch a seat at the window bar and people watch or grab a table to get some work done to the side. If I could eat Avocado Toast and Eggs Benedict for the rest of my life, I would be set. I ordered the Avocado toast, next time I will add the Feta and then the Salmon. The menu is filled with healthy options and a drop of their French origins in the food!
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Not Pictured: Iced Double Latte

3. St. Kilda Coffee
Where: Hell's Kitchen or Midtown West
What I Say: Are you looking for an Instagram-able coffee shop in the city, then look no further. Just make sure you look down, since the coffee shop is below street level. Walk down a few steps and into a cute little coffee shop. Don't let the long lines discourage you, as the staff are super quick in managing it and getting the best service to every customer!
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4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Where: Greenwich Village and Ace Hotel New York
What I Say: I only visited the Greenwich Village location and loved it. From the cute interior to the friendly baristas everything about this place is "cute" NYC café. I worked from this location and it was seriously the best. Housed in a former bookshop they carry on the tradition as a place of inspiration and conversation. It's also another Instagram-able spot!
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Do you have a favorite café or coffee spot? Let me know where it is! Pin the image below!



  1. Ahhhh! This is such a helpful post. I'm always in New York and find myself running out of options on where to brunch or have coffee. We have Starbucks in Canada so I'm not trying to go into Starbucks while I'm in NYC. Bookmarking this. Thanks.

    1. Girl, I hear you. Whenever I am in NYC, which is a lot recently I am always searching for new spots. I also have plans for a few brunch posts in the next few months so stay tuned!!


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