Sunday's Sunset

Sunday was a great day!

Sunday started off with family and ended with a gorgeous sunset on the beach! In between all of that I did some writing, a big summer cleaning and enjoyed a slice of Oreo Cheesecake in honor of #NatioalCheesecakeDay.

Let's get back to the sunset though. This may sound crazy and even as the words came out of my mouth and as I write this it seems silly. I live maybe 30 minutes from the beach, yet have never seen a sunrise or sunset. Am I too lazy to get up early or drive down there at night? It was during the conversation with a friend that I realized I wasn't taking full advantage of my surroundings and life in general. I love the beach. Give me a good book, some great playlists and I can be content for hours. However, I had never once been there for a sunrise or sunset.

That changed Sunday and I am so glad we took out the convertible, which by the way was my first time in one, at age 30. Roof down, blasting country tunes and taking in the fresh air just made me happy and smile!

We parked the car, took out the camera and decided to spend the last few minutes of the sunset on the beach! Thankful for a mini photography teaching as well since I got some amazing shots! See them below!

Miles away from the water

Hello friends, no I don't have any food for you!

Waves goodbye to seagulls

The colors

Cotton Candy Sky

The house across the road.

Lifeguard OFF DUTY
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Where is your favorite place to watch the sunset? 



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