Friday Favorites #45

Happy Friday, friends!

Next week is September. How is that even possible? I am/will be going through both personal and professional changes over the next few months. To be honest, I am nervous and excited at the same time.

As I mentioned last weekend we attended a wedding in PA, at Monterre Vineyards. The venue was gorgeous and very cute and romantic. I am working this weekend!

This rechargeable scalloped clutch was perfect for the wedding. It held everything from my phone to socks, lip-gloss and even the card!

Did you know restaurants are becoming more Instagrammable? Share you instagram handle!

Turning 30 this past April really has opened my eyes, changed my perception of "life timeline" and this article written so eloquently by Danielle is a perfect reflection. It's OK things didn't work out as planned.

I lose sunglasses, therefore I never treat myself to expensive ones. These $12 sunnies are my all-time favorite and live in the center console of my car!

I can attest that one to five minutes of stillness can change your life. Everyone needs to try some of these one-minute meditation practice from Gabby Bernstein!

As always be sure to share in the comments what you are loving or what is making you smile this week!

Disclaimer, this post is not sponsored, yet has some links of my favorite things. With that said there are a few affiliate links as it takes time and money and maintain a blog. Thank you for you support!



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