I am 7 days into my 30's. For the next ten years there will be a 3 before every number for my birthday. It's a new decade. It's a new chapter. Yet, it doesn't feel any different.

Last Friday on my 30th I worked the morning shift and then wen to dinner with my family. We celebrate every birthday for every family member no matter the age. I chose to have my birthday dinner at Fresco Steak & Seafood Grill in Milltown, NJ. Our reservation was called for 7:30 and therefore my sister, her bf and I drove together. Funny story as we were pulling in a car was turning into one spot and she was pulling into an opposite spot until the person realized it was a reserved spot and took hers. Angry sister was fuming so much she got out of the car and slammed the door, leaving me locked in the car in the back seat. Happy Birthday to me (LOL).

Once seated we ordered the absolutely delicious Rock Shrimp as an appetizer while looking over the menu and discussing birthday pasts. From 1st birthday to surprise parties we throw some great ones! Every meal tasted perfect and there were very little leftovers. I ordered one of my all time favorite dishes, the Seafood Risotto.

No birthday would be complete without dessert. Especially since Passover was a few days later and we wouldn't be able to have a cake. I am never one to turn down a great chocolate cake! May this year be filled with love, health and happiness!

In a little over two weeks I am traveling to Spain with my Aunt for 12 days as my birthday gift! I have only been out of the country one other time, to Israel on Birthright. I can hardly contain my excitement at this point. My sister gifted me, my very own first real suitcase. I guess you have to turn 30 to have such exciting gifts! I also received spending money for my trip as well!

On Saturday I spent the day with some friends as well as my sisters friends! The weather was perfect so we headed to Asbury for the afternoon! I kept the celebrating low-key as I am not one to go out and party.

30 is off to a wonderful start and I am looking forward to the year ahead! I have so many things I want to accomplish as I have yet to check off any of these. With that I will achieve all of them this year before my 31st birthday!

Is there one thing you want to accomplish before you next birthday?



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