Whether I am on the beach, near the lake, by the river or walking along a creek I am always in my happy place, by a body of water. Growing up near the Jersey Shore I was spoiled, spending as much time as possible on the beach. My family vacationed in Florida every year and we always found the closest beach. I went to college in Rhode Island and spent a summer in Newport! Summers were also spent on Martha's Vineyard, one of my all time favorite places in the world.

When I am close to water, there is not an overwhelming thought in my head. I can usually shut down my brain and just enjoy the sounds of crashing waves or the calmness depending on the day. This past weekend I found myself visiting two New Jersey Parks, both with large lakes.

I was off on Friday and spent the morning at the gym and editing photos before meeting my dad for a 5 mile walk at the Manasquan Reservoir. The weather was in the mid 70's and the breeze of the lake was gave just enough chill not to burn me too badly. Everyone was out riding their bikes, running, or walking. I found myself dreaming of the beach days I will have this summer while people watching and having a great conversation with my father.

Friday night I was off to dinner with one of my closest girlfriends. We talked family, dating, married life, and what our beach days will look like this summer on the Jersey Shore!! There will be some happy hours and nights down the shore!

On Sunday after working for a few hours I headed to Lake Topanemus for the afternoon. Children on the playground, adults walking and fishing and even some folks were out on kayaks. I decided I would have an early dinner and eat at the park! After my walk around the lake I took out a notebook and just started writing before my stomach started to growl, letting my know it was time for some Matzoh! Only another day and then back to a good ol' New Jersey bagel, friends. Being near the water I was inspired to write more about my feelings as well as what I want for my future. Being 100% honest and vulnerable is scary but isn't anything that is worth it.

I leave for Spain in a few weeks and am more then ready for this vacation! You bet I will be visiting the beaches on Barcelona.

Are you more a beach or city person?



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