30 By 30

On April 7, 2017 I will turn 30 years old.

So many people make these lists and hopefully they all accomplish there items. I am making it a personal mission to accomplish everything on my list because this is something that is really important to me. Working on yourself is so important for living a happy and healthy life and therefore this list is important and exciting.

There is no order to this list. I am just listing out the items. I will mark off each item once they are accomplished. Depending on the item I may or may not write a blog post about the item.

1) Take an aerial yoga class.
2) Go Skydiving.
3) Cook a meal once a week.
4) Take a professional cooking class.
5) Read 30 books.
6) Co-Chair an event for a nonprofit organization.
7) Run successful #FundraisingFriday series on the blog.
8) Travel to 5 states never visited.
9) Visit 5 new wineries in New York.
10) Go on a hike in New York.
11) Travel to Martha's Vineyard.
12) Visit friends in Boston for a weekend!
13) Get rid of useless things I have been holding on.
14) Sing in front of a crowd- Karaoke Style
15) Travel out of state for a wedding
16) Go to a concert
17) Let loose
18) Learn how to apply makeup correctly
19) See 3 Broadway Shows.
20) Pet sit for a friend for a weekend.
21) Say yes to everything from 1 week.
22) Write a book.
23) Ride a beach cruiser
24) Learn to surf
25) Lasik Surgery
26) Travel to Napa
27) Continue to blog
28) Run a 5K
29) Get my finances in order
30) Most importantly move on from my mother's death in 2010.