Friday Favorites #28

Happy Friday, friends!

This week has been filled with a lot of memories, emotions and some really deep thoughts. I turn 30 today. As I write that so many thoughts are running through my head. How did I get here? What are my 30's going to look like? So many more questions but that's good for now.

Yesterday was my day off and I did some shopping early in the morning before the massive rain storm came through. As for celebrating I will be with my family!

As always be sure to share in the comments or leave a comment on Instagram what you are loving this week or what is making you smile!

April Showers Bring May Flowers
I've heard of Heather Geronemus through friends, when I was living in Florida, and she is one amazing, inspiring lady. She has triumphed through tragedy and her company stood behind her. More companies could learn from this.

73 Questions with Selena Gomez. Lately I have asked myself more important questions. I want more interviews/podcasts/articles with questions from everyone, not just celebrities.

I am loving JerseyBites. A bunch of cool food writers come together for this great website.

Have you ever just not knew where to start? Carly nailed it with this post. I realized that I need to learn to breathe better.

I finally hit 800 followers on my _Travelist_ twitter account. It has been so much fun connecting and I am looking forward to more Twitter Chats, inspiration, and travel ideas!

What are you loving this week?



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