Top 5 Eggs Benedict From Around the US

Eggs Benedict, any kind for that matter, is my go-to brunch order. Friends and family tease me because my order is always the same and that they don't know why I look at a menu. I don't know about you, but if I love something, I am always going to order it. Also, there are so many different orders so it is great to compare them.

For places that don't have brunch on Saturdays, I hate to tell you, your missing out. In my opinion brunch should be both Saturday and Sunday. Do you agree?

Let's just dive into my top 5 Eggs Benedict from around the US. Leave a comment with your favorite Benedict or place that I need to visit.

Number 1: Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden
Austin, Texas

Banger's Benny includes braised pork belly, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and is topped with chipotle dusted shoestring potatoes and let me tell you, every bite is full of flavor. When you add potatoes a different way, you sell me every time.

Number 2: Wild Blueberry Café
Ogunquit, Maine

If you visit any of the beach towns in Maine, make sure your meal consists of some sort of fresh seafood, like this Lobster Benedict. We are talking full pieces of lobster, not just chopped up lobster meat. My server mentioned this is one of the most common meals and can sell out quickly. Also, note they are only open for the season and closed in winter.

Number 3: Toast City Diner
Red Bank, Asbury Park & Montclair, New Jersey

With three locations in New Jersey, Toast is very popular for what we call "New Jersey Diners" as the state is known for. It's simple mantra "Peace, Love & Pancakes" is evident from the cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and locals who wait hours for a table. The simplest Lox Eggs Benedict can be delicious with the right amount of hollandaise sauce, in which the fries can be dipped in.

Number 4: Magnolia Table
Waco, Texas

Farm Eggs Benedict which is on two of Jo's buttermilk biscuits and includes thick-cut peppered bacon is super heavy that I recommend sharing, unlike what I did when I devoured the whole dish. Topped with chives was super appealing as well made for a great colorful photo!

Number 5: Le Petit Bistro
Rhinebeck, New York

You can never go wrong with a Classic Eggs Benedict that includes roasted potatoes and some greens. "Market to Table," in house butchering, foraged and local produce are all the ways I would describe this bistro. The waitress grew up in the area and gave me such a history lesson about the establishment as well the surrounding towns. From the local farmers market down the road to the farm next to farm down the main highway everything you place in your mouth is very fresh!

What is your favorite Eggs Benedict dish? Where should I try? 



  1. I love Egg Benedict's and the ones you listed sound amazing. I think my favorite is at Balthazar's in NYC.

  2. Such a great idea for a post! Eggs benny is my go-to brunch order as well so I definitely appreciated this one... And now I'm hungry ;)
    The Longest Weekend

    1. I'm always hungry for brunch which is not always good. It was my favorite post to write to date.

  3. I haven't tried any of these, adding to the bucket list ��. You've got to try the fried chicken eggs benedict at Hash Hash A Go Go in San Diego or Las Vegas- it's even got mashed potatoes!

    1. I've been to Hash Hash A Go Go in Las Vegas once. Need to go back now!

  4. Don't laugh at me...I originally sent this as a personal message to you on your contact form by accident LOL. I swear I'm not just up at 12:15AM creepily inboxing you about eggs! So, to reiterate, I used to think Eggs Benedict were disgusting, and now I love them as well! I'm so glad that so many of these places are close to my home (NYC.) But, despite being so close, I've never been to a "Jersey Diner" So I need to check out out. Magnolia is an eatery that is definitely on my bucket list, and those eggs look to die for!

    1. Not at all. I highly recommend visiting a "Jersey Diner" and yes, some of the best Eggs Benedict have been in NYC. I have so many more places I want to try as well!


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