10 Best Things to eat & see in Austin, Texas

Step off the plane at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and you are bound to hear live music and smell BBQ within minutes, if not seconds. You can be greeted with The Salt Lick BBQ  or Tacodeli in the main terminal offering breakfast tacos as early as 4:30am. Don't just take my word for it, go visit ASAP.

#1 Visit the ATX sign. You can either do go during the day or at night when the color is constantly changing. Be careful when taking the photo to not step too far back, and into the middle of a major intersection. * Located on Fifth & Lamar right outside the Whole Foods!

#2 Eat at Lamberts Downtown Barbecue. Any place that offers a Saturday Brunch, will always get a vote from me. The food, the décor, the staff, and the overall vibe make this a must visit while eating your way through Austin. Oh, and you don't want to miss the live music, either.

#3 Go Bar Hopping. There are plenty of areas in downtown Austin to choose from including;
  • E. 6th St
  • W. 6th St
  • Dirty 6th St
  • Rainey Street
#4 Explore downtown via Bird, Lime, or other motorized method of transportation. It's an easy way to get around the city and see more areas. Ride over the South Congress Bridge. 

#5 Bruch at Banger's. Get there early on Sunday because once they open the doors at 10am there will already be a line. Live music, over 200 craft beers, and the best sausage will be well worth the wait, I promise. If you are as daring as I am, order a "Manmosa" a ONE LITER of CHAMPAGNE drink!

#6 Visit the Driskill Hotel. A landmark in Austin, you can grab a drink at the bar, relax in the lobby or grab breakfast at the café. 

#7 Explore South Congress Shops & Restaurants. Some of my favorites included;
  • Hey Cupcake
  • Austin Motel
  • Maya
  • Allen's Boots
#8 Find cool wall murals. They are scattered all over the city. I loved the ones I found near UT Austin. Snap a photo in front if you aren't camera shy. 

#9 Listen to Live Music. With more than 250 live music venues, it's impossible not to hear live music every night of the week. From coffee shops, bars, taquerias, and concert halls there is a venue for everyone. 

#10 Watch the Bats take to the Sky. Unfortunately, we were there in February and missed it, but it was definitely something that way on my list. Many people told me to go back for that. I was already planning to go back, so this time I will plan it accordingly!

Have you been to Austin? What are you favorite things? 



  1. Loved Austin. Street art is amazing. BBQ is delicious. We did get to see the bats. That's fun and weird. Voodoo Donuts was another stop.

    1. OMG yes, we loved VOODOO Donuts. I'm super jealous as I really wanted to see the bats. Just means I will have to go back!

  2. Have never been to Austin. Thank you for these suggestions. I know it is a vibrant and happening city. On my bucket list for sure.

    1. Thanks, Linda. Yes, such a vibrant and fun city that everyone should experience.


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