Smart & Sassy

Meet my new friend, Smart & Sassy. I have never been to a horse race before. I knew, OK, still only know very little about horse racing and betting, and therefore had a very interesting trip to Belmont Park, this past weekend!

When you know an owner, you can get close and watch them saddle up. After taking a few photos down by the staging area we headed back upstairs to place our bet and take our seats in the owners box!

The 11 above is 11(MTP) minutes to post. She is a beauty, isn't she? The obvious bet, was to bet on her, yet there are so many options. I decided to keep it simple and bet $2 on #8 for WSP. Win, Show, or Place. As I mentioned I have never bet on horses or even attended a race. Another bucket list item checked off my list!

The unofficial results above were from the race after, Smart & Sassy's as I couldn't get a photo quick enough. She did land up placing, and therefore I won $4.10!

As more races went off, myself, friend and her mom made our way to the bar, only to be followed by some other friends! I can always find a way to celebrate with a Blue Moon!

Have you ever been to a horse race?



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