Blue Water Grill & Max Brenner

Friday night I headed straight from work into NYC. Being that it was a holiday weekend, and many escape the city for the Hampton's or Jersey Shore I figured I wouldn't hit any traffic. Just before the tunnel we sat and there was the traffic I had hoped to avoid. It wasn't the worst, and I was in the city with time to spare.

Union Square
Our reservation at Blue Water Grill was for 8pm; however since our entire party was early, they accommodated us and sat us earlier. They recently went under a major renovation with a renowned focus on sustainability and highlighting local purveyors. Our waitress, in detailed talked about local sourcing and how each item was prepared. The staff was extremely friendly as well as very knowledgeable and giving some wonderful recommendations. If I could, I would have easily ordered every single item on the menu. "Punch & Smash" sold me by just the name as it was kind of the day I had been having earlier.

Our group of three decided that we would share some items and then we could go ahead and order our own rolls.

Crispy Cauliflower
I am not a huge cauliflower person, therefore I decided not to eat the above. However the rest of the party agreed it was the right crisp and the tahini sauce was perfect.

Mini Lobster Rolls
Anything lobster is my weakness. OK, anything seafood is my weakness. I could eat Seafood and Sushi for every meal. The mini lobster roll was enclosed and placed over a creamy herb aiolli sauce that was the very good. I could have had two orders for my main meal. The lobster meat was fresh and the roll was toasted just right.

Farfalle- Blue Crab
The above Blue Crab Farfalle was new to me. It was just enough to share with the other two. I would have liked some more sauce, however it was absolutely delicious.

Golden Sunshine Roll
What's in the Golden Sunshine Roll, you ask? Lobster, uncooked salmon, and avocado topped with a pineapple sauce. My only disappointment was that it was 5 pieces rather then 7. Again, everything was fresh and made to perfection. My compliments to the chef and the entire staff at the restaurant.

View from the lobby 
We were full after dinner and decided to walk two blocks south to Max Brenner, because that makes so much sense. What is a dinner out without dessert? If you are in the area, I highly recommend making a reservation as it will get very crowded quickly especially around meal times.

You only live once, so you might as well live it to the "max!" We were seated right away and decided to wait a few minutes before ordering and looking over the menu. The decadent desserts, should be shared as they are large.

Chocolate Chunks Pizza (Half Size) + Urban S'mores Fondue
OK, so maybe we didn't need both the half pizza and fondue, but every last bite was eaten and enjoyed. Don't fret, you can also get chocolate cocktail and a ton of variety hot chocolates. The menu is endless and should be shared among parties. Proceed with caution to the restaurant, if you love chocolate as much as me.

Empire State Building
Goodnight NYC and Happy Birthday America! It was a wonderful evening with friends. We chatted about life, we ate and drank delicious food and cocktails and toasted to an amazing summer!

What is your favorite dessert?



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