Wedding Wednesday in Florida

3:30am Tuesday Morning meet dad to drive me to airport

4:15am Arrive to mass chaos at Newark International Airport

5:10am Through Security and at the gate

6:00am Takeoff

8:50am Arrive at Palm Beach International Airport and await the bride to be who picks me up as we head to breakfast at First Watch. Eggs Benedict Florentine for the win.

11:00am Drop bags at house. Run three quick errands.

2:00pm Lunch

3:30pm Get ready for Rehearsal and Dinner. The wedding was held at the Addison in Boca Raton, FL. We worked together at CCFA when I lived in Florida and she became a wonderful friend in my life. I was so glad I could make the trip to watch her marry her best friend.

5:30pm We Rehearsed.

6:30pm We ate pizza and drank beer at Bob's Pizza in Deerfield Beach, FL.

9:00pm Home. Catch some TV before crashing hard in order to be wide awake for hair and makeup in the early morning.

7:00am Up and ready for a full day of wedding prep!

8:00am Picked up by Alyssa and off to the hotel for Hair/Makeup/Girl Time.

8:30am-4:00pm Hair and Makeup, catching up with friends and watching the cubs game!

4:15pm Arrive at Addison to prep for Bridesmaids photos. 

CCFA Ladies!

Moved Ceremony inside due to clouds

Preview of Reception

Love & Basketball- Their Love Story!

Wedding Cake
7:00pm Ceremony Begins

7:30pm Cocktail Hour

8:00pm Let the celebration begin! We ate, drank and danced through the night. No pictures as I was too busy on the dance floor!

12:30pm Home 

1:10am-2:30am Sleep

2:45am Pack up and call for an Uber

3:15am Uber ride to Palm Beach International 

4:10am Security isn't open yet. 

5:00am Through and coffee in hand.

6:00am Takeoff

8:20am Arrive in Newark close to 30 minutes early. 

9:45am Picked up by Aunt for a 3 hour drive to upstate New York.( That's for the next post) 

Just under 48 hours in Florida to celebrate the #McCorvey Wedding and I couldn't be more excited for them. 



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