Hill Country BBQ Review

When 25 family members meet in New York City for dinner it's no easy task to find a cuisine let along a restaurant we can all agree on. Thanks to my cousin's girlfriend who works at Hill Country BBQ we were able to make a 7pm reservation. Parking in midtown on Friday night is a breeze if you ask my father, a parking pro. So with that we made the drive into NYC to meet up with everyone. There were two big reasons for this dinner, the first being that our cousin from San Francisco was in and we hardly get to see her. The second reason another cousin is leaving for Thailand at the end of August to teach and cook and we won't see him for at least 2 years. Getting together really was a highlight of my summer. That's the entire family on my dad's side minus my sister who was on vacation and another cousin who lives in Florida were present!

Family Group Shot! 
If you are not familiar with the restaurant it is such a great concept. I had never been there before; however heard nothing but wonderful reviews so I was extremely excited to get my hands on some ribs. Our family is big brisket and rib eaters so this was perfect!

When you arrive you are handed a card that looks like something you would fill out; however if you read the front you don't mark anything. This was about a 10 minute conversation and I believe our waiters were asked about 15 times about the card. First we ordered drinks and then went in pairs to the counter.

Such a cool concept. So easy to pay and make separate checks at the end. 

At the first counter you order your BBQ meat. Since the meat is hand carved, the actual weights may vary. I knew I was getting spare ribs and was just unsure how many I could eat. I decided on three and knew if I had leftovers I would either take them home or my dad would finish them off. Once you order your meat you move over to another counter which is made up of all the amazing sides. You can order individual or family size and even though we were a large party we all had different ideas of what we wanted. Some shared while others just ordered on their own which worked out for me. If you know me I have a deep love for cucumbers so when I saw "Cool As Cucumber Salad" I was sold, no questions asked. I also ordered a side "Longhorn Cheddar Mac & Cheese." I finished all but one spare rib that my dad took off my hands. 

Felt like sleep-away camp with the trays. Everything was delicious!

During the month of August our family celebrates 3 birthday's and we ended the night with 3 desserts and sang pretty loud. Some customer's joined in while others just sat and stared. Large party in the middle of the room makes for some good entertainment. 

L-R; Me, Aunt, Cousin from CA, and her mom! 
Thank you to Hill Country BBQ for being such a great host! The long table made it easy for us to play musical chairs so everyone could catch up with other members of the family. The wait staff hands down was so accommodating to our large group. We must have asked 100 questions and requested refills on beverages every 5 minutes. 

I would totally go back with a smaller party next time and maybe do some sharing of meats/sides. I think that would work great for a party of 4-8. 

Can't wait until we are all together again, hopefully for a wedding or another great celebration! 



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