Let's Talk......Social Media

Check out this video from  Lucie Fink. She is hysterical and has a video series on Refinery29. In the video she asked "Is Social Media doing more good than bad in the world?"

This question got me thinking about my own experience with Social Media. Every personality test I have taken, and people I have spoken with all call me an extrovert. First, I wonder if you can be both an extrovert and introvert? I believe I have tendencies from both spectrum's. Some would disagree with me; however that is my own personal opinion. Which brings me to my first point on social media.

1) Personal Opinions- They are everywhere. Facebook posts, Instagram comments, Tweets, etc....Lately as I have read more and more tweets and Facebook comments I have seen the attack on personal opinions. We have the right to say what we want, how we feel and shouldn't have to worry that someone will call us out. Yes, it's OK to disagree and state that on a post or tweet, but the name calling and disrespecting each other is not called for. I believe bullying can actually stem from this and we live in an already scary enough world. That's my PERSONAL OPINION.

2) Oversharing - We read blogs, online articles, tweets, Facebook posts, etc.... Some people share the bare minimum of their personal lives and then you have others who share every little thing in their life. Whether you agree with them or not, it is their decision. The only thing I will say; we need to be careful with what we put out there. Not just for recruiters, although it is important to remember they can see what you post.

3) Good or Bad? - Again, thanks to Lucie Fink I have been thinking about what my answer would be to her question. We can connect with loved ones around the world. We get the news in real time. People are sharing ideas. We are constantly learning. The bad, things are blown out of proportion. The negative press, the hatred is strong. And then you have the Comparison Theory. Check out her video to see some of the other answers. And what conclusion she came to.



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