Monday Musings

Hello, Monday!

This weekend was all about family and alone time for myself.

Friday evening I found myself at synagogue with some family members to remember my dad's uncle. He is gone 15 years. Growing up he was the jokester of the family. Everyone always laughed and smiled when he was around. We would fill in MadLibs, play Uno, and sometimes he would even sneak me a piece of candy when my parents weren't looking. I loved when he would come and visit and share stories of his childhood. I miss him and often wonder what our relationship would be like today. I am lucky that his daughter and I are close. At synagogue it wasn't just about his yahrzeit; but also just being present. I usually go on the high holidays but in more "Me Time" I made a goal to attend services once a month. Our Rabbi's sermon is always current and has such deep meanings. It was a wonderful evening.

Saturday morning I took myself out breakfast, saw my therapist and decided to do some reading at the local Barnes & Noble.
After a few hours I headed over to my grandmother's assisted living. My aunt, her daughter was visiting for the weekend since it was her 85th Birthday on Sunday. We chatted for a while before my aunt and I left for the evening. We hit my favorite store, Nordstrom Rack; however our shopping attempts were unsuccessful. It was probably a good thing, since I am going through my room and doing a major de-clutter this week! Sushi dinner and an early night in rounded out the day!
Sunday Brunch: Salmon Benedict and sorry no picture; but I was in all my glory! My entire, small family of 11 gathered for brunch at the Colonial Diner to celebrate my grandmother's 85th birthday. My sister, dad, his fiancé, both aunt's and cousins were all in attendance. My immediate family is small but we are close. After brunch we made a quick shiva call ( visiting a family in mourning in their home).
All the food that was consumed on Sunday called for a workout so after this post I am headed to the gym.
I will leave you with this photo I posted earlier to my Instagram.
I will continue to work on myself. I think that is the perfect #MondayMotivation quote!


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