Four wheels need what?

Let's just say I knew the first few weeks of funemployment were going to be filled with adulthood tasks that I have put off for some time.

What I didn't expect was what came after two hours of sitting waiting for my 1st stop: Oil Change. Thanks to Better Housekeeping and the Wendy Williams show I was occupied most of the time while sitting in Firestone. I know why I avoided daytime talk shows for the one reason....they are useless. Sure she was funny but boy was I glad to be done when they called my name halfway through, or so I thought. The nice mechanic mentioned my battery needed to be replaced ASAP ( he wrote it in all caps on my bill) or it wouldn't start on the next cold day. I guess I could have waited since we are currently having a heat wave in the middle of winter here in NJ. Nope, that wasn't the case, it needed to be replaced and right away.

My next stop was suppose to by the car wash, but to my delightful surprise they were closing the garage just as I pulled in. The power went about 10 minutes before I arrived. Sure I was upset, but the poor workers were even more mad as they were being sent home. (I hope they get paid for a days work, since it isn't there fault the power went out).

Next stop, was Vic, my favorite mechanic. "Will you test my battery?" Sure enough he said replace it right now or pay double when you call triple AAA on that cold morning it doesn't start. Fine, because I just got my final paycheck from Gap, and I can dish out $150 for a new battery. #Adulthood

If this is a joke I am ready for the day to be over. That was just the morning! The afternoon......spent sending out job applications and resumes across the board. Hospitality, Marketing, Fundraising, etc.... Know anyone hiring, let me know!

Here is to see where #Funemployment takes me!



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