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Brunch Bites: Union Fare

Female Travel Bloggers, a community of female travel writers has a Facebook group that I joined last year. For a while I just read the posts, never commenting and just thinking it would be so cool to connect with these inspiring women. Ladies from around the world meeting in new cities, exploring together and writing about these exciting adventures. After becoming a little more comfortable as the months went on I decided to participate in some of the threads they host. 

In May, Kelly from Girl With The Passport, in New York decided to host a brunch meet-up and I decided to put on my big girl pants, stop being intimidated and attend. With the approval from the FTB we met for brunch at Union Fare in New York City. 

Union Fare, a modern gastro hall & industrial restaurant is located in the heart of Union Square. With two dining rooms, they had large tables to host our group of 11 ladies. How awesome is the bar below, which was the view from our table! 

 I was super excited to meet these ladies, yet at the same time very nervous, but everyone was super friendly, and there was absolutely no competitiveness. It was actually completely opposite whereas we were all encouraging one another. The ladies even inspired me to write more about my love and finds of "Eggs Benedict" from everywhere I try. Call me a Benedict connoisseur as I travel around the globe in search for the best of the best.

What did I order, you ask? That's easy....the Benedict Board! From the following 5 choices
(Heirloom tomatoes, wild spinach, smoked salmon, lobster & prosciutto) you get to choose 3 and it was a no-brainier for the ones I chose. (R-L) Smoked Salmon, Wild Spinach & Lobster. I loved that you get to mix and match rather than two of the same.
 To go along with my Benedict Board I ordered the 17th Street Spritz which was a very refreshing drink to go with my amazing brunch. I am usually a mimosa person, but every once in a while it is good to change up your order.

Finally if I had to choose out of the three which my favorite was, I would have to say the Smoke Salmon as it had the right amount of salmon and was cooked to perfection. With the mix of the hollandaise sauce and the salmon the flavors were very vibrant.

The wooden board gave made the presentation of the meal even more rustic and enjoyable. The only downside would be the when the egg ran, if you didn't scoop it quick enough it was roll over the side, however I had no problem with that. 

With all of the creative, adventurous ladies I was surrounded by I am even more inspired now to right about finding the perfect Eggs Benedict and tasting as many of them as I can. Maybe I will create a new series on the blog.

In the mean time, tell me what is your favorite Benedict and where did you eat it?



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