Turning 33

The world is a scary, unknown, weird place right now, as we navigate through the Coronavirus; however here we are, and today I am celebrating my 33rd birthday in quarantine. To be completely honest, I am not a big fan of huge celebrations; however when you can't have one, it kind of makes me wish I could plan and all out party. Everyone has been so supportive, from my roommate ordering my favorite Eggs Benedict from a local restaurant, to flowers sent by one of my best friends and all the calls, texts, and social media shout outs. 

I look forward to post quarantine when I can celebrate with my family and friends! In the meantime as I turn 33 I wanted to share some lessons, things I am grateful for and what I look forward to in the next year. 

First and foremost I want to start by thanking all the essential employees on the frontlines during this time. Especially my amazing sister who is a Wegmans manager and my soon to be Brother-In-Law, a Medical Lab Scientist at NY Presbyterian. You can see my Facebook post here, where for every like today, I will be donating one dollar to the NY Presbyterian Covid Fund. 

Be Confident, But also Stay Humble. 
What I mean by this, is know how far you have come, but never stop learning. Do not be that cocky person, who walks around like a know it all, because guess what, you don't know it all. 

The kitchen is not your worst enemy. 
It's funny, when I lived alone I never cooked, couldn't stand being in the kitchen, and now at 33 with two different sets of roommates I have learned not only the basics of cooking, but how to actually enjoy it. My soon to be brother-in-law is Italian and cooks so much. From knife skills to chopping garlic and onion I have found a new passion in the kitchen. My recent roommate as taught me that you can certainly fake it till you make it in the kitchen and we have made some delicious meals, especially during this quarantine. No more pasta and cheerios everyday for this girls. More protein, more vegetables and more cooking. 

No matter what you are facing there is someone out there facing something worse. If you can, you should give back. 
No it does not always have to be in a monetary way. You can donate your time, your skills, and even just your voice. Stand up for what you believe in. Stand up for those who can't and you will be rewarded. 

It has been ten years this June since my mother passed away. Even when life seems unfair, there are lessons to be learned, and that grief doesn't necessary go-away but you come to terms and move forward. One foot in front of another. So much in my life has happened from moving to different states, multiple jobs here and there and only in the last 12 months can I say I have finally found my footing. Again, one day at a time. 

As I am writing this, the sun is shining, the music is blasting, and  I am under a Wizard of Oz blanket outside writing this post. Just picture that for a moment. I couldn't be more content in this moment. 

So here is to 33 and looking forward to another journey around the sun! I am looking forward to the following:

  • Being kinder to myself
  • Taking that long solo trip outside the United States
  • Giving Back in more ways and making a difference.
  • Taking care of my physical and mental health
  • More meditation incorporated into my daily tasks
  • Seeing my loved ones once we are out of quarantine



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