Brunch Bites: The Terrace & Outdoor Gardens at The Times Square EDITION

What is better than Sunday Brunch with your best colleagues and girlfriends? I can't even explain how amazing our brunch was at The Terrace & Outdoor Gardens at The Times Square EDITION. It was so good that we turned it into the #NeverEndingBrunch, which I was super grateful for. These ladies are not only inspiring, but truly special ladies who I am blessed to have in my life.

We had reservations for 10am, which I am not going to lie, was a little early; however it worked well for us in the long run. I honestly thought it would be more crowded as the day progressed; however it was not. I mean you could have walked in and gotten a table right away. We sat inside, not in the outdoor garden, which was completely fine. A couch on one side and chairs on the other, we had a great table, perfect for sharing a dish and being able to talk to everyone around the table.

We ordered our first round of drinks and shared this delicious Whole Wheat Skillet cake topped with lemon zest ricotta and fresh berries. We cut in so 6 people would be able to have two pieces each and it was more than enough to start with.

An hour or so later, we ordered our main entrees. I will say, we never felt rushed which I really appreciated as some places are not so accommodating. Our next round of drinks arrived and soon followed our meals. I am going to preface this with, I CAN NEVER NOT order EGGS BENEDICT as I am obsessed with trying them at every place I go for brunch. It made my decision so difficult, that I ordered two meals. No judgement and no shame here. So, you are probably wondering, well besides the Eggs Benedict, what else did you order.....The Lobster Soft Scramble, because crème fraiche, people, need I say more?

Three Step Benedict is not something that I've seen on a menu before. You literally are making your own benedict and I am here for that 100%. As someone who really likes to customize their Eggs Benedict I can appreciate this so much.
Here is how it works:
1. Choose a base
2. Choose a extra
3. Choose the sauce
Mine: English Muffin with Acme Smoked Salmon topped with classic hollandaise sauce. The nice thing about the sauce, is it comes on the side and you can add it as you would like, which I am a big fan of. 

Next time I would change my English muffin for the potato pancake, and I promise there will be a next time, so don't worry. 

As for the Lobster Soft Scramble, it was delicious, but smaller than I had originally expected. That was fine with me, as I had ordered two meals, but I recommend ordering that to share and then each person get their own meal. Large pieces of lobster mixed into eggs with a dollop of crème fraiche on the top is one of the best "lobster" meals I've had.

We rounded out the afternoon talking about life, career, and of course food and drinks before packing up and heading to another bar, #NeverEndingBrunch.

The staff were very friendly, the atmosphere was beautiful and all I can say, is add this to your list if you are ever visiting New York City.

Have you ever had two meals at brunch? 



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