5 Tips for your next Staycation

I believe that staycations are underrated and that they are something everyone should partake in. For example this weekend is a three day weekend for me just to lounge in my PJ's, drink my favorite coffee, turn my bathroom into a home spa, and finally take myself to a restaurant that just opened near my house. You don't need to jet set off around the world in search of the perfect vacation every time.

Now with that said, I am also a firm believer in booking a night at a hotel nearby for the extra relaxation. Take the time for yourself to recharge and I bet you will feel so much better once you got a great night of sleep.

I recently stayed at Le Meridien Central Park for one night. Whether booking directly through the website or on hotel tonight or another booking source, there are deals to be found! Full disclosure, I work for Marriott.

When booking your next staycation here are some tips that will make it a successful one, depending on why you are staying.

1) Disconnect & Unplug. 
I bet the only thing you will need your phone or laptop for is a recommendation for restaurant, spa or activity nearby. Guess what, that is why hotels have concierges. Talk to them. Ask them questions and forget Yelp or Instagram. Who knows they me even be able to get you in somewhere you thought you wouldn't have a chance. Concierges are wonderful resources that should be utilized more then you are staying on property.

2) Ask for the upgrade or the room with a tub. 
The only thing I wanted more than a great night sleep was a relaxing bath in a large soaking tub. It was worth being on a lower floor just to relax and unwind. I had a book, a glass of wine and my night was made.

3) Grab a Drink
If your hotel has a bar then don't look too far. If you can avoid leaving the property and getting a cocktail, I would recommend it. Heck, have two if you want. The great thing is you can walk right back to your room. No hassle in the land of transportation.

4) Breakfast in Bed
Room Service for the win, before your check out and head back to regular schedule programming. I am not one who can get behind eating in bed; however if there is a small desk or table, that is great for me. With no heavy lifting, you are able to soak in the morning quietness.

5) Explore More
Check out the museum you have been wanting to visit. Take a walk in the park. Try a new coffee shop or local cafe. This is something I love doing even in my own backyard as there is something new I find each time.

What is one tip you have for the perfect staycation?



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