Handmade Gifts Perfect for the Holiday Season

Lately, so many people I know have been launching businesses selling handmade items and I am happy to show support where I can. Sharing on social media, making a purchase, or just letting them know I am sending good vibes for their holiday season sales.

With that said here are just some of the items you can purchase for that someone special this holiday season.


Selling hand sewn bonnets, holiday stockings and other custom accesories, the creator behind this is one hell of a bad a** lady I am honored to know. She is taking her passion and building something  that she can be proud of for years to come. You can find her on Instagram.


Handmade paperwork would make for the perfect travel journal, bullet journal or even just an everday notebook to jot down your thoughts or next best idea. This female owned business is one that I fully support and encourage you to do the same. You can find them on Instagram and Etsy.

Captures By Lindsey

Looking for your next photograph for a room in your house, or for your desk? Lindsey's New York City photos are absolutely stunning. You can find her on Instagram and Etsy.

Leigh's Gourmet Apples

Ok, I am biased as I am related to the owner. If you are in New Jersey and looking to support female owned companies I highly suggest purchasing some of her amazing gourmet candy apples. They make the perfect gift for teachers, for care-gviers, and for hostesses. You can find her on Facebook

As you plan your holiday shopping remember, it's better to shop small businesses and support local vendors. I encourage you to check them out, and even if it is not something you would buy, share it with someone else. Word of mouth goes a long way.



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